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greenLabs: A program serving as the first step in Green Growth

greenLabs: A program serving as the first step in Green Growth

One of the biggest problems facing the African youth is unemployment, due to lack of opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills. This reduces them to holders of valuable information and knowledge that has little to no benefit for both them and their community. 

Advising the youth to apply their knowledge and skills, and to come up with innovations that will improve the world around them, is vague and has little effect because it's akin to having a destination in mind without a map or directions for guidance. Important questions remain unanswered, questions such as; who will guide them? Who will show them the ropes in whatever industry/field they venture in? What are the gaps they can exploit by applying their bright ideas? 

With the need for adapting  to climate change increasing, there is a growing demand for skills in various industries, such as the agricultural and energy industry operating within the evolving green economy. There are two main ways in which the transition to a green economy affects demand for climate-related skills:

  • Creation of new jobs as a result of new economic activity that demands climate-related skill sets.
  • A shift in industrial practice that impacts a variety of jobs which may experience greening changes, and will require adjustments to the current training and qualification frameworks.

The green economy has opened up opportunities for start-ups operating at the nexus of impact and profit. These opportunities require both a skills system and a labor market which are more agile, proactive, responsive and resilient than ever before. This presents a gap that the tech-savvy youth can exploit and benefit from while simultaneously advancing climate resilience. With the right training and resources, the next generation of leaders can come up with solutions to climate change whether through inventing sustainable solutions or reducing carbon emissions. Indeed, the next generation of climate-conscious leaders can shape an economy that reduces environmental risks and ecological scarcities, while driving sustainable development without degrading the environment.

JLA is poised to raise and work with such leaders through various programs; whether a budding entrepreneur, a passionate advocate, or whatever other young changemaker. Among our upcoming programs is greenLabs which aims to increase the pool of market-ready start-ups; be on the lookout, something’s cooking! If you would want to join the movement to register here.