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Climate 101 On The Green Jobs Africa show

In our interactions with young people, we keep hearing questions such as: What is Climate? What is Climate Change? In response to the frequent inquiries about the concepts of climate change and climate change, we’ve dedicated the recent episodes of our show, “Green Jobs Africa,” to a comprehensive exploration of Climate 101. During this special segment, Sellah Bogonko, Co-Founder and CEO of Jacob’s Ladder Africa, takes you on a journey to demystify these fundamental topics.

In Climate 102, we delve into the historical context of climate action, shedding light on its essence and evolution over time.

Furthermore, we provide an in-depth examination of Green Jobs, offering insights into their definition, various categories, and future prospects. Discover how you can prepare yourself for a meaningful and sustainable career in this field.

We invite you to engage in the conversation and be a part of our ongoing series, “Green Jobs Africa.” To access this valuable content and more educational resources, you can find us on YouTube.

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