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JLA’s pilot cohort of the greenLabs Incubation Program

Building up from the first Technology for Climate Action Hackathon held in December 2022, in collaboration with Moringa  School, JLA officially launched the pilot cohort of its incubator program, dubbed the greenLabs incubation program. The hackathon presented an opportunity to identify brilliant young minds with great ideas, a format we intend to host regularly, leveraging the opportunity to continually discover young African talent that rarely has the opportunity to showcase their ideas, and which, with the right mentorship, tools, and funding, could potentially generate significant socioeconomic benefit for the continent.

The pilot program is a selection of teams and individuals who participated in the hackathon, who are being trained and mentored to further develop their ideas into viable climate action solutions for the continent as well as creating job opportunities in this space.

Economic empowerment is a significant aspect of what we do through various platforms including training to raise awareness and equip the youth with skills and tools for the green economy. We are committed to bridging the emerging skills gap as more and more countries initiate bold steps to transition to low carbon, greener, and more resilient economies. Central to this is the need to equip African youth with the knowledge and skills to thrive in and lead a green economy.

One of our approaches is the incubation of young people with innovative green ideas in our greenLabs. Our overall goal is to nurture a new generation of green entrepreneurs and support the building of innovative ideas with the potential for creating green jobs. Our comprehensive and tailor-made program provides a hands-on approach to training, mentorship and cross-learning opportunities to ensure that students have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills plus a winning mindset to help them succeed as entrepreneurs in the green economy.

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