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Green Livelihoods and the Future of Jobs in Africa Roundtable

Jacob’s Ladder Africa (JLA) and the Future of Development Programme at the Oxford Martin School (University of Oxford) are hosting a roundtable conversation on Thursday 3rd August 2023 in Nairobi.

The roundtable will be a multi-stakeholder forum bringing together key individuals from academia, industry, government, international development agencies and the youth to dialogue on key challenges and opportunities in the green economy, and facilitating the participation of Africa’s young workforce.

Jacob’s Ladder Africa is a youth focused not-for-profit organization primarily shaping the workforce preparation narrative while developing use cases for the green economy. The Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Development aims to create more and better economic opportunities for all in a changing world. It focuses on low and middle-income countries and works towards more equitable and well-functioning labour markets, fostering entrepreneurship and technology for small and medium-sized enterprises, and building human capital for a just green energy transition. It conducts rigorous research, creating evidence-based solutions and tools for decision makers, providing platforms for new ideas, and sharing insights through events and publications.

While youth unemployment remains a challenge in many African countries, the current focus on climate action in Kenya and subsequent potential investments present an excellent opportunity for (re-/up-) skilling the workforce here and elsewhere in Africa. We recognize that the emerging and growing Green Economy has the potential to create jobs and lead to the transformation of livelihoods. This roundtable initiative, therefore, aims to facilitate conversations that can establish and bridge the gap between academia and industry, inform policy, and provide specific interventions towards empowering the Kenyan workforce, thus driving meaningful action.

Should you be interested in attending this and future engagement forums, please leave us your details via info@jacobsladder.africa

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