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Makueni County Cohort 2 Sensitization Highlights

Jacob’s Ladder Africa , in partnership with the Makueni County Government is in a drive to promote sustainable employment opportunities for the youth in Makueni. As part of these efforts, the JLA Development Program team embarked on a sensitization drive for Cohort 2.

This entails raising awareness and educating individuals or groups on key topics. The sensitization cohort consisted of youths drawn from Kibwezi East, Kibwezi West, and Kilome Sub-Counties, where the focus was on aquaculture. A total of 91 participants attended the three-day meeting. The team liaised with the Youth Development Officers in each sub-county to target youths to attend the sensitization sessions.

Pond construction for Cohort 1

Seven ponds were constructed for the youth identified and recruited for Cohort 1. The JLA Development Program team is careful to ensure that the hard-working vulnerable youths are reached.

Kibwezi East Sub-County

Kibwezi East has four wards, namely, Ivingone, Masongaleni, Thane, and Mtito Andei. After liaising with the Youth Development Officer for the Sub-County, the team met 33 members at the sensitization meeting held on 2nd of April 2024, which was led by Marceline Obuya, JLA Co-founder. A key highlight was the energy, interest, and new learning experiences that characterized the meeting. The session began with introductions of the team and participants, followed by training on key topics, including the challenges faced by youths in Makueni and proposed solutions to address them, as well as the importance of reframing mindsets, an overview of climate change, entrepreneurship, Jacob’s Ladder Africa and the aquaculture project.

Kibwezi East sensitization meeting


Kibwezi West Sub-County

Out of the 6 wards in this sub-county, 34 participants from 4 wards (Makindu, Nguumo, Kikumbulyu South, Emali Mulala) attended the meeting on 03/04/2024. 5 youth from this sub-county will then be selected for the next phase. The sensitization meeting was led by Karimi, the Programs Manager at JLA and the team met new youths that were ready to learn about aquaculture and opportunities in the green economy. In attendance was an organization called Light for the World, that targets youths and Persons with Disabilities, courtesy of the Subcounty Administrator, Mr. Katwi William who was also in attendance. Similar to youths in Kibwezi East, Kibwezi West youths looked eager and motivated to learn about aquaculture.

Kibwezi West sensitization meeting


Kilome Sub-County

The last sensitization meeting was held on 4th April 2024 and was led by Francis, a Kilome Sub-County Project Officer. Although Kilome has three wards, only two wards (Kasikeu and Kiima Kio Kalanzoni) were put forward for aquaculture farming. Mukaa Ward is not ecologically suitable for the project, owing to its cold temperatures. 24 participants attended the meeting out of which two will be selected to progress to the next phase.

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