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Sellah and Bilha guest lecturers at Kuehne Foundation program

Sellah Bogonko and Bilha Ndirangu assumed the roles of esteemed guest lecturers at a youth training event orchestrated by the Kuehne Foundation, in strategic partnership with renowned universities spanning Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Germany. This transformative program, designed with the express purpose of equipping young individuals with essential green skills, engendered an extraordinary and interactive session. This occurrence stands as a compelling illustration of the profound enthusiasm exhibited by the youth towards knowledge acquisition, concurrently emphasizing the imperative for a heightened presence of organizations akin to Kuehne, displaying a resolute commitment to fostering the empowerment of the next generation.

“There is a huge knowledge gap in the green economy. We are working with like-minded organizations to creatively deliver curated content especially for youth and mid-career professionals. For the Green Economy to become a reality, we need to create awareness and build skills among young people to generate the requisite talent pipeline. Climate literacy is what digital skills were in the early 2000’s. Every young person should get some form of green skills. ” – Sellah Bogonko

“The Green Economy is creating unprecedented opportunities – take the time to research and learn as much as you can about climate action so you can be prepared to fully take advantage of the opportunities.” – Bilha Ndirangu

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