Jacobs Ladder Africa


Marceline Obuya

Co-Founder, Jacob’s Ladder Africa

Marceline is a rebuilder of businesses. Her work experience in Africa over the past 25 years within the financial sector embodies the proclamation of financial liberation and ushering of opportunity within Microfinance, SACCO/Cooperatives, Agriculture, Health, Business Development, and most recently in the FinTech space.

Marceline’s mastery of midwifing SMEs to become viable businesses is a showcase of honor demonstrated by diligence in management, operations, research, training, and mentoring, which is predicated on her approach to a field that stems from a strong belief that beauty can rise up from ashes, which reflect itself in her mentoring patterns focusing on upskilling people in spite of all the challenges SMEs face.

Marceline’s incubating spirit is clearly manifested in her track record through her ability to nurture, restore and prosper both start-ups and established enterprises. Under her stewardship, the viability of the business is brought about by the fact that she lays the right foundation. Her craftsmanship is robust and her execution is equal to that of a warrior in the identification of the specific need, especially in the various sectors of development of adaptive strategies for channeling finance to priority sectors, working with multi- laterals, private sector, and financial institutions.

Passionate about Africa and SMEs, Marceline’s eagle eye is focused on business levers like strategic planning, human resource management, operational, technical, and financial support. As an experienced consultant and advisor in wealth creation and agrarian finance, Marceline is the architect and founder of the SME Business Clinic Ltd, a role that allows her to oversee the company and intimately engage with her clients, whilst rendering herself the role of a roving CEO for a number of businesses within the Clinic. She has also served as the Director Operations and Country Representative of the PharmAccess Foundation, and was a Senior Research Officer at the K-Rep Development Agency.

Marceline is a holder of a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Strathmore University Business School and a Certificate recipient from IESE Business School in Spain. She is currently, undertaking a Social Impact course at the University of Cape Town.

She has undertaken a number of World Bank/IFC, SIDA, IFAD, FAO, and USAID-funded consultancy assignments in Kenya, other African countries, and the USA.