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My next steps after the Inaugural Green Skills and Development National Workshop

The Inaugural Green Skills and Development National Workshop, organized by Jacob’s Ladder Africa, the Green Jobs for Youth Pact (comprising UNEP, ILO and UNICEF) and the Kenyan government, was not only a transformative experience, but it also ignited a fire within me to make a tangible difference in the lives of Kenyan youth. Having reflected on the key takeaways from the insightful event, I was filled with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to be a catalyst for change, taking an active role in supporting the transition towards a green economy.

One of the most crucial lessons I learned was the pressing need to promote environmental awareness among the youth. It became quite evident that many young people remain unaware of the true meaning and significance of green skills. As a passionate advocate for sustainable development, I recognize the importance of educating and empowering the youth to understand the concept of green skills and the key role they play towards the creation of a greener future.

Another pivotal takeaway identified, was the urgent need to empower the youth to adopt a sustainable mindset. The workshop played a key role in emphasizing the importance of instilling values of environmental stewardship, grant writing skills, financial literacy, resource mobilization, and eco-friendly practices in the minds of young people. As a bridge between the
youth and the green economy, I endeavour to foster a culture of sustainability and responsibility among the youth.

Moreover, the workshop reiterated the importance of motivating the youth to upskill and acquire green skills. Recognizing that we live in a rapidly evolving job market, it is crucial for young people to stay ahead of the curve by developing skills that are in high demand in this green economy currently being forged. I am determined to create opportunities for youth to access training, workshops, and mentorship programs that will equip them with the necessary skills to thrive in green jobs.

On the other hand, the most inspiring takeaway from the workshop was the realization that the current problems being faced in the country can in fact be viewed as potential business ideas. The green economy presents a wealth of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions to the current environmental challenges. I aspire to support young people to turn their ideas into viable businesses that contribute to a sustainable future.

In conclusion, the workshop left an indelible mark on my journey towards a greener Kenya. I am excited to further explore the same through my current social platform. I am committed to using the knowledge and insights gained from this event to be a catalyst for change, promoting environmental awareness, empowering the youth to adopt sustainable mindsets, encouraging upskilling, and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship in the green economy. Together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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