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Green Jobs Twitter Space Conversation

On Thursday, August 24th, we hosted a Twitter Space discourse titled “Interested in Green Jobs? Here is what you need to know.” This virtual discussion was a natural extension of our recent successful roundtable colloquy “The Green Livelihoods and the Future of Jobs in Africa” conducted on August 3rd, 2023. The inaugural roundtable, left numerous pertinent questions from the youth unanswered. Thus, this subsequent session was crafted with a twofold purpose: to offer resolutions to these pending queries and to broaden the conversation’s reach to a wider audience.

The gathering was aptly moderated by Sellah Bogonko, our Co-founder and CEO. Comprising the panel were: Jessica Chege, Project Manager at Clean Energy Shortlist Professionals; Dr. Lillian Kong’ani, a Lecturer within the Department of Earth and Climate Science at the University of Nairobi; Enocka Odongo, the Convenor of the Kisumu Gigatonne Team; and Bilha Ndirangu, CEO of Great Carbon Valley.

Central to the intent of these conversational series is the accentuation of youth involvement as a linchpin in the transformative process of converting challenges into innovative, viable solutions. The discourse, under the thematic umbrella of #GreenJobsAfrica, was exceptionally enriching, serving as an auspicious debut of many more such engagements in the future. We express our heartfelt gratitude to the attendees who graced the occasion with their participation.

The overarching objective of our undertaking is to traverse diverse avenues within the burgeoning realm of prospects that the green economy offers. In the process, we endeavor to harness the potential of our individual and collective networks to orchestrate a systemic approach to the establishment of green employment opportunities.
For those who regrettably missed the live session, we offer an avenue to access the recorded conversation: [Find Link to the Space Recording Here]. We extend a warm invitation to peruse this resource and glean insights from the enriching exchange that transpired.

In alignment with our vision and commitment, we remain poised to navigate the emergent landscapes of green livelihoods. This journey entails leveraging our cumulative capacities to facilitate the genesis of sustainable employment avenues.

We aim to explore various pathways in the emerging opportunities in the green economy and harness our individual and collective networks to promote a systemic approach to creation of green jobs.

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