Jacobs Ladder Africa

Greening 2024

Sellah Bogonko

A new year is upon us and with it comes the chance to make our collective goal of creating economic opportunities for African youth in the green economy a reality.

The start of a new year is usually an opportunity to look ahead in hope. In some instances, we may want to build on the good progress attained in the previous year, and in others, chart a completely new pathway. Whatever the case may be, having a clear picture is critical to arriving at the intended destination. What we see ahead informs the granular approach that we presently take as individuals and as an organisation. What do you see?

Our north star at JLA remains catalyzing 30 million jobs in the African green economy by 2033. This requires several components, one of those being partnerships with individuals, organizations, and government institutions that are like-minded. This year, we will continue to scale up our programs to be more meaningful and impactful to the communities around us. A great example of this is the partnership we have entered into with the County Government of Makueni this month to increase the success of youth taking up aquaculture. The Makueni County partnership is a demonstration of how we are activating opportunities for green jobs for youth and persons with disabilities in the country. We aim to open the doors of possibilities for communities to thrive through agribusiness and thereby enhance their livelihoods.

While efforts to promote decarbonization on the continent vary from one country to another, we aim to be present in discourses and collaborative opportunities in economic, social, and political spheres to help shape a more sustainable future for us all. As Africans, we have the opportunity to spearhead and shape this action.

The youth are at the crux of our drive to create economic opportunities in the green economy. Through greenLabs, our entrepreneurship incubation program, we are providing training and resources for the youth to further develop their innovative projects to address climate change. We couldn’t be prouder of our pioneer cohort who are taking the initiative to tackle the environmental challenges facing our country. We aim to further develop the curriculum for upcoming participants from across the continent.
Together with the Jacob’s Ladder Africa team, I encourage you to join us in our journey of creating opportunities for the youth in the green economy.

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