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Startup Launchpad Bootcamp Kickoff

Over the past year, our greenLab’s Incubator has embarked on a remarkable journey with a cohort of aspiring entrepreneurs. These young people began their journey with the Startup Foundations Program, immersing themselves in entrepreneurial mindsets and laying down a strong foundation for their business ideas rooted in strong market fundamentals. Now, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Startup Launchpad Program, where those who achieved the milestones in the first program have moved on to an intensive 8-week BootCamp.

Through our tailored JLA curriculum, participants are being equipped with the technical and soft skills required to transform their innovative concepts into actionable climate solutions for Africa. We’re not just nurturing startups; we’re fostering the future of climate entrepreneurship.

We firmly believe that the ventures taking shape, and those yet to come, possess the potential not only to address pressing climate challenges but also to create meaningful jobs. Our commitment is unwavering. We’re here to nurture the seeds of innovation and cultivate a greener, more sustainable future for Africa through our transformative programs.




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